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In case of an insurance event (such as: accident, illness, disability, work disability and so on) the insured and his family stand before an unfamiliar situation of dealing with a "chaos" of terms from an unknown world and all this in addition to dealing with the difficult experience of the physical and personal injury.
On the one hand, this situation requires an immediate and professional dealing with terms such as: life insurance, work disability, capital insurance, annuity insurance, death insurance, disability, severe illness, long-term care, health, National Insurance Institute, employer's liability, recourse, third party - the insured who was injured and/or his relatives almost instantly realize that the reality of the market is that of multitude of players, severe conflict of interests, flawed structure of the field, excessive regulation, multitude of products, indifference, lack of cooperation and setoff of funds(!) between the various insurers.
The manner of dealing with the "jungle" of terms may lead to a difference of hundreds of thousands of NIS of compensation for the insurance event.
We at Set Point offer objective, professional and independent counseling, all in the best interest of the client, you.
At Set Point you will find insurance experts, medical experts, economists, accountants, attorneys and actuaries who together form a team of experts to assist and help you get counseling and maximize your rights.

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