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Set Point! Ltd. is an objective counseling company which was established in 1998, and provides a variety of financial, economic and pension counseling services. The company specializes in organizing training and information conferences and seminars in institutions, plants, hi-tech companies, Kibbutzim and public companies, in various financial issues, emphasizing the pension and social benefits for employees.
The contents for the seminars is decided with close cooperation between the finance department and human resources of the organization and Set Point! experts who hold an expert pension consultant license from the Ministry of Finance.
Our experience and the feedback from various companies show that these seminars provide a simple and clear explanation of the elements of pension and social benefits of the employees thus significantly imrpove the employee's motivation and their connection to the place of work.

Our Office address:
29a Caspari St.,
Haifa, 34677
Please set the appointment in advance
Telephone: +972-4-8100333
Mobile: +972-50-5302242
Fax: 1534-8100333
email: rami@setpoint.co.il


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