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As a private Set Point client, we will guide you in collecting and organizing all the relevant material required for a consultation meeting, we will meet with you in order to study your desires, and personal preferences and combining that with your objective condition regarding the various aspects of pension, insurance, occupation, health, family, economic and financial condition, we will provide you an objective professional counseling for planning an optimal personal pension coverage. All this while maximizing the consideration for the contributions from your wages and with the option of additional service of monitoring and implementing the recommendations according to your personal decisions.
From our experience we have learned that some of our clients request current follow up of their pension portfolio, including the option of follow up and information maintenance through the internet and as a result we have developed a continuous pension counseling service, which is a unique service tailored specifically for each client.

What is a one-time pension counseling?
In the pension counseling process we review all the client's pension and insurance plans including the directors insurance and pension funds, the provident funds and study funds and the insurance coverages (risks) and the health and long-term care insurances.
The objective pension counseling improves the client's protection, betters his pension portfolio, provides more information regarding the pension products he possesses and all this on several levels:
Matching the insurance coverage extent and quality in a direct relation to the client's medical and personal condition, naturally according to the client's desires, in the most professional manner without any foreign interests and/or any conflict of interests.
A professional and objective examination of the channeling of funds to the various pension channels, improving the percentage of saving (without damaging the insurance fees) and reducing the costs if possible.
The objective pension counseling provides the client a complete and full picture of his pension condition, including the insurance coverages he possesses. The counseling includes a thorough and professional explanation of the various products the client possesses and the possibilities of improvement available to him.
Pension counseling, as opposed to pension marketing remains completely objective and is client oriented. The independent consultant receives his fee from the client (and not as a commission from the insurance companies), thus he is committed only to the best interests of the client while completely avoiding any conflict of interests.
At the end of the pension counseling process the client receives a detailed report providing him an accurate detail of his insurance and pension state of affairs.

What is the continuous pension counseling?
The pension and insurance system is very dynamic and pension and insurance depend on varying factors such as personal status and/or medical condition and/or income and/or changes in legislation, so the pension counseling report is right for a specific point in time. The client must remember to make changes to the insurance coverage and/or to the mix of various pension channels he has, all according to the changes of circumstances of his life, his family life, changes and updates to the legislation and types of plans marketed by the various companies.
The continuous pension counseling is actually intended to help the client maintain the existing pension and insurance portfolio, and in fact releases the client from worrying whether he and his family are properly covered and/or whether his deposits in the pension channels he has are indeed correct and there are no errors in the channeling of funds and/or the amounts of the various payments.
The continuous counseling process may be combined with comprehensive instruction of financial management of the household, an assignment which becomes more and more complicated in our rapidly developing world.
In conclusion, the continuous counseling will include and handle the following issues:
Examination of the annual statements of the current and accumulated pension funds as well as the insurance coverage status at the various companies.
We will review: channeling of funds to the various bodies, the amount of deposits, the dates of deposits, the insurance schemes and the amount of insurance coverages the client possesses.
After the review we will meet face to face, discuss the findings, and make operative decisions according to the various family/medical changes as may come up in the discussion.
As part of the service, the financial data will be maintained on our internet site, in a closed library protected by a personal password.
As part of the service the client will receive current email updates of various changes in the field, including yields and investment channels.
It is also possible to have training and instruction regarding financial issues of the household.

A second opinion service
At Set Point! you receive a second opinion in the fields of pension, insurance, provident funds and finances - according to the Treasury's requirements. We will provide you the support and protection you never had in this complex and changing world. We will remove the obstacles in your way to making a decision.
If you are about to leave or change your place of work, retire, or you have already received pension counseling from any other body, Set Point! offers objective counseling services for second opinion.
Set Point! provides economic, financial, and pension counseling services while emphasizing the taxation and legal aspects of pension and social benefits and will make sure to maximize your benefits. Deliver to us all the insurance and pension material you have, including any bank or another counseling you received in the past, and we will translate it for you into plain language, and clearly and simply explain to you whether what you were sold or about to purchase actually suits your needs and is/was given for a fair price.
A win win service: counseling senior employees in rewards and wage management
The employers cost of a senior employee earning 30,000 NIS is set on app. 300 NIS per working hour. In order to properly manage the senior employee's set of rewards and wages, he has to dedicate an average of one hour a day for various inquiries such as: understanding the pay slip, examining proceeds of provident funds, examining proceeds of study funds and directors insurance, reviewing funds' statements and understanding them, various health/dental insurance claims - choosing an expert doctor and so on.
There are employees who can conduct the rewards and wages follow up themselves during their work day, and there are employees who, as a result of the load of work, neglect to handle their business. Thus, we are at Set Point offer a win win service to the senior employee and to the company: a referent who provides counseling to senior employees in the management of the funds of wages and rewards. Through this service:
The employee and the company gain peace of mind.
The company and the employee gain an additional qualitative work time of the employee.
The employee gains more net profit.
The company and the employee gain discretion regarding the wages and benefits.
What does the basic service include?
An external management of the wage and pay slip production system.

Additional services
Management of the system of additional wage benefits by a referent who is personally available to the senior employee and handles his business.
The service includes:
Exhaustion of rights: representation and counseling opposite all bodies such as insurance companies, third parties, national insurance.
Pension counseling: according to the latest Bachar reform, pension counseling while continuously optimizing the existing financial portfolio, including current counseling, amendments and updates according to personal and legislative developments.
Counseling a partner: managing a database to monitor the developments and changes in the senior employee's life enables the management of effective controls and prevention of loss of rights and funds.
Payments: a specification of maximal fees to banks, including current monitoring according to the nature of activity of the senior employee.
Medical control: an annual check-up including medical counseling and comparing to the data from previous years.
Current counseling: realization of options and taxation, auditing the preparation of pay slips, drafting statements of income tax and national insurance for the employer.
Accountant: filing annual statements for senior employees as requested by law.
Attorney: drafting a will and concentrating the financial portfolio data, handling current problems. 

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