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Set Point! Ltd. is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Haifa and the North offers elementary and objective counseling services. Since 1998, the company prepared for providing counseling services according to standard IAS19, chose a team of experts in the field and an authorized actuary.

Rami Sagman

Founder of Set Point! Ltd. in 1998. Rami was one of the first few who understood the need to separate counseling from the selling process in the field of insurance, even before the legislation of the law in this matter in 2005. Rami serves as the secretary general of the Israel Pension Consultants'' Organization.

Arye Straus

Arye heads the team of experts for drafting and analyzing reports regarding the pension benefits and undertakings in Kibbutzim and Moshavim (known as an actuary balance). The reports are drafted in a process completely adjusted to the needs of the Kibbuts/Moshav and provides control over the ....

Amir Maor - authorized pension consultant

With an academic degree in business management with specialization in financing and marketing, Amir Maor worked with the biggest and leading companies in the field of capital market and insurance. First as a representative on behalf of Batucha Securities Ltd. (now a part of Clal Finances) at the stock exchange

Yosi Mimon - pension consultant and an expert in human resources and wages

Until the end of 2007, Yosi served as the human resources VP of Ben-Gurion University. Since 2008, Yosi is a pension consultant authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Israel Securities Authority. Yosi has advised hundreds of private and business clients, including Kibbutzim

Itay Strauss

An expert in computerized solutions for actuary issues. In charge of developing and adjusting software products for the client's needs. Establishing the computerized databases for the clients. Preparing reports for Kibbutzim. A consultant in the field of social security for Kibbutzim managements.

Yohay David

Holder of a license from the Ministry of Finance as an authorized pension consultant. In recent years has been dealing in developing models for saving through bonds, managing Set Point internet site, writing in various issues related to pension saving, as well as to laws and regulations in the field

CPA Eytan Lidor

Eytan Lidor is an authorized pension consultant. In addition to his activity as a pension consultant Eytan manages the field of retirement in a company specializing in maximizing the benefits of retiring employees, including the aspects of taxation and optimal retirement plans, both to the company and to the employee…

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Adv. Dorit Nisenbaum

An attorney and serves since 2002, as the legal consultant of Set Point! Ltd. Has a training as a director. Teaches workshops and gives lectures in general and pension insurance laws, national insurance and labor laws to academic institutions and professional organizations


Yitzhak Hilman - Actuary

Yitzhak Hilman is an actuary consultant in the field of pension to private bodies, institutions, banks, plants and pension funds. In 1998, he began working also as an actuary consultant in the field of life insurance in Ayalon Insurance Company. He currently works as an independent actuary consultant

Shlomo Tomer - information systems manager

Shlomo Tomer has acquired along the years wide experience in the field of information systems management and development - as the manager of the information layout in private and public companies in Israel and the United States. Shlomo has extensive training in the field of actuary information layouts management



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